You can purchase your supply company from us with extensive service.

Assurance by tax consultant

  • On your demand you will get the assurance by a tax consultant for all our ready made companies.

Coordination with CCI

  • We are willing to take care of the coordination with the CCI at the future seat of your company about the name of your company, free of charge.

Formation in various cities

  • We can form in various cities all over Germany (e.g., Buxtehude, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt /M., Munich), i. e., the commercial registration number remains if the seat of the company is not moved.

Procurement of business address and office service

  • If you wish we can procure at the future seat of your company a business address and office service at additional costs.


  • Some companies have already got a tax-number from the tax authority.

Divergent business year

  • You can also get from us a company with a divergent business year.

Mail forwarding

  • If after the purchase, mail from the authorities to your company is received by us, we will immediately forward it to you free of charge.

We attach great importance to personal care

  • You can purchase your company all over Germany at a notary of your confidence, to whom we will travel, if you wish, at additional costs.

  • Alternatively remote registration can be done, in which case all authorizations (certified) and corporate papers will be dispatched free of charge (even if it is by courier).

Payment of Purchasing price

  • We offer you three different options of payment of the Purchasing price: by flash transfer or by cash. Alternatively a notary account can be opened.


Our will make you happy!

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