The Ready Made Company KGaA

The KgaA (limited liability partnership with shares) is especially interesting for accessing the stockmarket for small to medium size businesses or associations as well as for regulations governing the succession in family businesses. In this case the personal and full liability is with the complementary (natural person, GmbH (limited liability company), AG (PLC) or any other corporation or association). The other partners (limited liability shareholders) participate in the capital stock. Unlike the AG (PLC) the supervisory board has no power to dismiss the management.

  • Finance your business for example through the stockmarket without losing influence over the management and identity of the enterprise.
  • Protect your business despite stockmarket quotations before a "hostile takeover".
  • Save inheritance tax against the PLC.

The Ready Made Company KGaA can be used for business transactions immediately

  • Own your KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares), incorporated in the commercial register, within 24 hours.
  • Ask experienced specialists to do the complicated establihing of this type of company. Once the company is established, managing it is easy.
  • Evade the "undergoing incorporation" suffix, which makes banks and partners hesitate.
  • Your private assets are fully protected. This is normally not the case during the establishing of this company.
  • You can use the tax benefits of a corporation immediately.
  • Any KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares) can be used in any branch of business throughout the whole of Germany.

The Ready Made Company KGaA has a guarantee from a tax adviser

For all our KGaA (limited liability partnerships with shares) you receive a certificate from the tax adviser stating that

  • the company was established correctly.
  • after establishment it has not been active.
  • it is free from any obligations.

You can purchase your Ready Made Company KGaA quickly and without problems

Amount of stock capital
+ Extra charges
50,000 EURO
7,500 EURO

Purchasing price
57,000 EURO

The stock capital of 50,000 EURO is paid in full. In the bank account are 50,000 EURO.


Get your Ready Made Company KGaA from us with full service

  • Acquire your KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares) anywhere in Germany through your own notary. If you want us to meet you there, you will not be charged with any extra travel expenses.
  • Alternatively a non-personal registration is possible whereby all authorizations are certified and company documents sent free of charge (even if by courier).
  • We will be glad to handle, free of charge, the agreeing of statute changes and choice of name with the CCI at the new company location.
  • On request we can arrange during the transition priod a business address or office services without extra costs.
  • If after the purchase , post for your KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares) is received at our office, this will be immediately mailed on without cost.

Purchase your Ready Made Company KGaA quickly and safely

  1. Order a KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares) from our current list of companies available. Either download or ask for a sample statute or a checklist to establish your individual requirements.
  1. Discuss the statute with your lawyer or tax adviser and advise us of any necessary changes.
  2. The company name and statute changes will be agreed on with the CCI at new location of business.
  1. Before the appointment with the notary you will get your KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares) from us. The execution of a private and written purchasing order is sufficient. The purchasing price is paid no later than when the purchasing order is being signed, by cash or swift transfer. Alternatively a notary account can be opened.
  2. On receipt of the purchasing price you can make use of the credit on your KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares)' account (capital stock less incorporation costs). You receive the incorporation documentation with a copy of the incorporation in the commercial register, opening accounts, status, guarantee declaration, tax adviser's and other relevant documents. Now you are the owner of the KGaA with full legal capacity.
  3. A general meeting is held at the notary of your choice, where a new supervisory board is elected and the changes in the statute are passed. The old executive board resigns and the new one start their time in office. has been appointed previously or is appointed at this meeting. The notary certifies the minutes of meeting.
  1. The new executive board registers the statute changes to be entered in the commercial register.
  2. After the purchase you must only notify the local authorities at the company's new location about the new KGaA (limited liability partnership with shares). They in turn inform the inland revenue, the CCI and any other relevant authorities.

We wish you good business with your new KGaA
(limited liability partnership with shares) all the time!

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